What if we told you that everything you were ever told about America is a LIE?!
Well, get ready everyone, because that’s exactly what we’re doing, in 10 Things Americans Get Wrong About America! 🇺🇸

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    • +GHOST WARRIOR damn you need a Xanax. Or weed. Or fuckin something man. I hate racists and sexists as much as you, and I never meant to go into conflict with you. I started this by correcting the video and you got mad at me? Why?

    • +Gary The Stormtrooper can you give me, one good reason as to why a person with a difference as simple as skin color, or a different religion deserve to die? Africans are black because they have more melanin pigment in their skin. This is because Africa is very hot and sunny, and people with dark skin don’t get sun burn. But Europeans are very prone to sun burn because of their light skin. And being black has nothing to do with intelligence. One of the world’s most brilliant astrophysicists is black, Niel DeGrasse Tyson. There are brilliant black actors like Morgan Freeman, and Samuel L. Jackson. Also, why do the Nazis/Neo-Nazis hate Jews? They didn’t do anything. They just believe in a god. Nothing else. Why kill them? What did they ever do?
      Also, why disabled people? One of the greatest scientists of all time, who became world famous for many theories and discoveries, including the big bang theory, was disabled. Stephen Hawking had paralysis in his whole body since birth. That didn’t stop him from being one of the greatest scientific minds of all time.

  1. 17:26 Henry Ford is not credited in the United States for inventing the automobile. He is in fact credited with inventing the assembly line. More or less “mass production”

  2. “Best” country in the world is subjective. In my opinion USA is the best country in the world. Because it is my home. Everyone else is permitted to maintain there own opinion on the subject ofcourse

  3. While the US was a country since 1776. And there were presidents before then. However being president of the congress is not the same as being president of the US. Thats why George Washington is the first president.

  4. As a proud Englishman I find you embarrasing. History is history yet you seem to find pleasure in ‘educating’ Americans on their history. Unless you’re university educated, which I doubt, maybe you should keep your opinions to yourself.

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