Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Have you ever read or seen something that just completely blew your mind? You know, those moments where your world is completely turned upside down. Well, I’ve had ten of those recently. I was doing my usual searching of the interwebs when Marvel’s multiverse landed me down a winding road of real theories that have me rethinking what I know to be true.

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10. Eternalism
9. Phenomenalism
8. The Many-Worlds Interpretation
7. Retrocausality
6. Chaos Theory
5. Simulation Hypothesis
4. Clashing Branes Theory
3. Copenhagen Interpretation
2. The Big Freeze
1. Fictional Realism

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  1. I believe that the laws of our universe were made before it existed and every thing that could ever happen, no matter how small the probability, will eventually happen.

  2. This will be a long post so for those who read it I solute you.
    This will go with the multi earth theory and time travel. My theory will involve a little quantum physics but I will not include the math. Every thing is possible and impossible for our imagination is not original but a window into another world or universe if you will. A example would be our favorite shows, I will be using Dragonball super for this. Time travel will not be possible but instead travel to another universe with a similar history but with various outcomes that change the course of history, example of this is when future trunks goes back in time to gain help from Goku and Vegeta to defeat black. Same histories but different worlds.
    The next is when I bring up our imagination. Our imaginations are not imagination but a window to another world thanks to plank or quantum to others. This states that matter is connected by an invisible string (plank) and is in the past, present, future, and other universes. So I could say you can do a kamahamaha just not in our world since every universe would have it’s own sets if laws for how things work.
    Now this is a long post and I could go into detail of it all but this is a summary of my theory. If you enjoy it go ahead and ponder what could be in the world of quantum physics. 😀

  3. What if we cant die? After death, we just wake up, as if nothing happened, or the multiverse exists and we dont die because close calls are deaths in the reality you just left after death to than join the another one as if you never died.

  4. I don’t believe that the universe is just an illusion caused by our brains… if you were to be blind folded and we got an object and told you or suggested that it’s soft round and slimy and your Brain knows no better then it wound be feel soft round and slimy but it doesn’t. Another thing is if the universe was an illusion of the brain then why are we seeing the same things as everyone else? Wouldn’t each brain make its own interpretation/illusion? Unless all of our brains are somehow connected

    • And we never will know everything 🙂 so the statement I know nothing is true for everyone

    • +Jesse Huston hope so. I firmly believe no matter how long humans live for that we will never be able to comprehend everything. It’s a never ending search for never ending knowledge. Knowing new stuff gives me pleasure but when I remind myself I still know nothing it frustrates me. Ugh

    • Yes so many questions indeed and sadly not enough time in our lifetime to find the answer but who knows maybe there will be a break through in our life but if not maybe the future will have the answers we seek.

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