We’ve all wondered what happens to us when we eventually pass on ‘to the other side, but what exactly is there to pass on to? Here are our 10 Theories About The Afterlife…

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  1. I always liked the thought that after you die it’s whatever you make of it. For example I’d like to be reborn in the star wars galaxy where jedis exist and humans co-exist with aliens haha or another universe like elder scrolls where there’s humans elfs orcs etc.

  2. Life is hell cruel that makes us aware of the fact that life has an ending. I do believe in nothingness, it will just be a blank screen when you die. Slep without being able to dream. You are not aware of time when you sleep that’s is how death will be like. No time or space exist anymore for you.

    • Miss Peregrine MSP No one wants to die but we all going to die someday. Just make the best out of it, out of the life you have. Live your life 🙂

  3. Maybe once we die, we are just dead. Maybe once we die, we get a new life. Maybe once we die, we go to heaven or hell. Maybe once we die, we become earthly spirits who forever walk the earth as spirits. Who truly knows, best to enjoy being alive while you can because you can be here today but gone tomorrow via plane crash or car crash or get hit by a bus or train.

  4. if parallel worlds are real, IF it is, then is it likely to be reincarnated into a parallel world?

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