The human brain can be the making or the breaking of a person. Delving into the darker side of mental health, these are the 10 Most Terrifying Psychological Disorders.

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  1. Hello everyone! Which one of these disorders did you find the most terrifying? Do you know anyone with these conditions?

    • After watching this video I realize I have “Alice in wonderland syndrome”. I first experienced a little over 15 years ago and it continues to happen a few times a year. It usually happens when I’m stressed out and trying to go to sleep. The best way to describe it is that objects away from me seem extremely distant (10 feet away seem like 50 feet), ones that are close seem extreme close (2 feet seem like several inches), objects in the middle range pulsate between extreme close and distant…then there’s the sound… A ticking clock sounds like a wrecking ball crashing through my room. It lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to about an hour and goes away…thanks for the informative video! Keep it up!

    • Thank you for telling people about Chronic Deja Vu, its worse than any of my battles with depression and self harm.

  2. I don’t know what you call it but it’s when you go to work come home eat food go to sleep go to work come home eat food go to sleep what is that condition called because that is f****** in sanity

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