When people think of NASA, they tend to think of the Apollo space missions and the iconic line ‘Houston, we have a problem’. But NASA have also invented a fair few technologies that have shaped the way we live today.

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  1. NASA was originally staffed and headed by illegally imported Nazi scientists from wwII via Operation Paperclip.

    The vast majority of american technology comes from nazis, or buying out companies in other nations and stealing their patents, then collapsing the companies in their original nations.

  2. And I can’t believe that there are people against going to space and colonizing moon and mars and possibly mining asteroid imagine how much the U.S economy would boost thanks to asteroid mining and space travel………….. U.S would newer resources and it’s military power would be boosted and could become the most powerful space faring species……With thousands of spacecraft to help earth and U.S?

  3. So where the Bloom Box… designed for Mar mission all national grids should have it in place ready for solar we know we can get them to run even with cloudy weather all that technology is years old now

  4. What on earth is with all the one line comments about ‘flat earth’ theory in this comment section? I hope NASA can invent a vaccine for stupid while they’re at it- seems to be spreading like wildfire recently.

    But really, please stop. There’s not one person on this planet with any sufficient evidence to claim earth is flat.

    Unless one of these enlightened genuises would like to build their own rocket, and show us all the truth? Oh wait- thats right- they can’t. Because they lack any support from intelligent investors, the scientific community, or government officials. Shame, that.

  5. NASA brags about inventing an insulin PUMP, but the ACTUAL discoverer of insulin, was a romanian physiologist and professor of medicine named Nicolae Paulescu.

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