Have you been fooled by a psychic? Fear not – you aren’t the only one! From the small tricks to the tiny scams, here are 10 Techniques Psychics Use To Trick You!

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  1. I once met a tarot card reader in NYC that said I would find the woman I was looking for if I had sex with him…

  2. even though I’ll be trolled for saying this. psychics are real. everyone has psychic abilities. iv used mine and have made people speachless. and how? when I have only been told your first name and the state where you live and then I tell you your full name and address the layout of your house the color of each wall what is in each room and how all your stuff is layed out the colors of all blanks what your waring what color it is tell you alot about your past that you’ve never told anyone and to top it off phisicaly please you. and all while you are 1800 miles away. do some research the soviets had a lady who could stop someones heart. the Cia had remote viewers that where very accurate. do I want you to believe me? no. I want you to do your own research and truly open your mind and beliefs and try for yourself and see for yourself and awaken your mind and you will amaze yourself and uplift yourself and others. and FYI anyone that uses any abilities to profit will fail. abilities like these are granted to humankind to benifit and help all of the human race not to profit off one another. respect honor loyalty love to all of humankind and not only will you be a better person but you alone will make humankind a better species.

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