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A hero is only as good as their villains. A good roster of super villains can make the average hero look amazing. For this list, we’ll be looking at the greatest rogues’ galleries across both the DC and Marvel universes and beyond.

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  1. First of all! green lanterns rogues gallery should have been in front of daredevil. I think swamp thing should have AT LEAST had a honorable mention!

  2. Can’t help but feel like Spider-man should be swapped for Batman. But could be that i just enjoy the Spider-man villains more than Batman’s

  3. Spawn, Wonder Woman and Witchblade should’ve been on this list, aside from that this was a pretty good list.

  4. Magneto is honestly the most overrated villain of all time.
    I don’t consider Doom a villain, but if i did then he would be number 1.

  5. I think spidey has the best villains because I feel he has different tier villains. His 1st tier osborn/goblin, hobgoblin, venom, carnage, kingpin, mysterio, kraven, dr. ock, scorpion, electro and chameleon. His 2nd tier hydro, sandman, juggernaut, rose, tombstone and shocker. His 3rd tier black fox, spot, prowler and Beatle. Batman’s 2nd and 3rd tier are not this good.

  6. That’s why Batman is so interesting to watch because his limited physical abilities meaning no super powers and his long range of amazing villains

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