It’s the thing of science fiction right? Popular with Trekkies, Jedi folk and Rick and Morty fans. Well that might be true, but here are 10 of the most compelling reasons why parallel universes could exist!

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    • If there are parallel universes (alternate realities), I would loose my mind but, a total real life Rick and Morty would exist or the show Sliders will become something real!

    • Alltime10s
      you do know Nelson Mandela used to sing proudly about slaughtering the white people of his country and was responsible for many acts of terrorism, don’t you?

    • #1 ghosts and shadow people are just people from alternate universes whos atoms are disturbed for some reason

  1. We’ve never sent anything into a black hole. The furthest we have ever sent any piece of technology is the edge of the solar system, Voyager I. The nearest black hole is at the center of the galaxy. Do some research before your videos :/

  2. So my question about the floating cities, if it’s really a mirage or “fata morgana” however you spell it, then that must mean it’s a mirage of an actual city right? If so then what city is it??

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