From atomic explosions occurring at the height of the Cold War to North Korea allegedly flexing its nuclear muscles… nuclear disasters are big news. However, many are shrouded in mystery, cover-ups and downright lies. Join Alltime 10s as we look at some of the fishier nuclear incidents of the past century.

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  1. I like the way Nth Korea is power hungry and the USA isn’t.
    The USA is the most tyrannical and power-hungry on Earth.
    How many US military bases and how many illegal wars, now?

  2. Nice content but why are switching back and forth with this guy and the deep voice guy? Choose either m, preferably deep

  3. 4x background radiation? Thats nothing lol. You get about 30x background in a commercial jet/Airplane

  4. The thumbnail you used is an album cover for a Senses Fail CD back in the 2000’s. Just an FYI, that’s kind of asking for a strike. I’d recommend changing it as record labels aren’t exactly known for their leniency.

  5. Why wasn’t Chernobyl put as no1 when it was more dangerous than Fukushima and the soviet tried to cover it up by saying people would go back when people never because of how dangerous it was

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