We all have 5 senses right? Well…. No! Here are 10 more hidden senses that you never knew you even had. How crazy is that?!

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  1. So it is ok for some guys to sniff girls’ clothes but when I do I get kicked out of the funeral
    *D O U B L E S T A N D A R D S*

  2. The reason why you can hear better under water is mainly because the vibrations of sound moves better through more solid objects than air. If you find an old brick building and push your ear against the corner of said building and have a friend knock on the other side of the corner it will be pretty loud to you. If you’re ever in a collapsed building it is better to knock rhythmically to get rescuers attention then screaming because it carry’s more distance too

  3. Wait – so if you had a headset or earplugs designed to fill up your earcanal with water and conduct the soundwaves that way your range suddenly gets superboosted? Why have I never heard of this before – and if it’s true then why is it not a thing already?

    Sure, maybe it’s a little too inconvenient for day-to-day, but I can think of many situations where it should be worth it – like a submarine sonarman or something, or research in animals communicating at normally inaudible frequencies.

    Does this also mean that people with cochlear implants have significantly wider hearing range than normal?

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