Some of the greatest cities on earth are only half witnessed by most, since there are hidden secrets below the surface.

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  1. After researching this one, team Alltime10s is certainly going to be going subterranean in London!

    Which of these would you most like to visit?

  2. I’m surprised no Egyptian cities were listed as they always find ancient artefacts, tombs, dwelling and all sorts there…

  3. most of these aren’t secrets check out the city under Edinburgh in Scotland it’s essentially a city block that has another city built on top of it

  4. Used to live in a small mining town in Nevada. Wasn’t really a secret unless you lived there or visited the mining museum they had. Then you saw all the tunnels that ran beneath the place. Some you could look right down into because there was a sort of skylight in the top of the tunnels. If there were ever an earthquake the town would basically be buried alive

  5. No Edinburgh, Scotland?

    I thought for sure that the underground city under Edinburgh city would’ve been on the list.

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