Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! We all want to keep our stuff safe from unwanted hands, but what are the best ways to do so? Expensive alarm systems? Those “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later” signs? Maybe it can be as simple as following this list of ten tips that burglars would rather wish you didn’t know.

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10. Keep Your Yard Clean
9. Stop Newspaper Delivery While on Vacation
8. Hide Your Security Panel
7. Lock All Doors and Windows
6. Don’t Rely on Fake Security Cameras
5. Lock up Ladders and Tools
4. Keep New Purchases a Secret
3. Be Wary of Strangers at the Door
2. Install Outdoor Lighting
1. Don’t Make Your Whereabouts Public Knowledge

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  2. Five Dobermans, their names are by the way: Satan, Devil, Belcebú, Lucifer and Granamyr …and they are trained to attack.

  3. #10=Bullshit#9=Bullshit to a pro#8Good, but his reason =Bullshit, hide the panel so they can’t rip it off and stop the signal.#7=overrated, most criminals won’t even check#6=Bullshit fake cameras, and even fake security system signs help#5=Bullshit, they will bring their own tools#4=Decent, it will incise 1st timers#3=Very true#2=Bullshit, pro only rob during the day#1=Bullshit for pros, But Decent for rookies If any of you that clicked this video to learn how to protect your home from thieves, and want me to make a video on how to protect your belongings 4real respond to this comment. If I get enough positive response I will give you better information than a robbery detective…

  4. Never hide spare keys under the doormat or in one of those “hide-a-key” disguised key keepers; any burglar who isn’t a complete moron already knows about such things and will be looking for them. A better option is to entrust a spare key to a neighbor, preferably one you have a good relationship with and you know to be trustworthy.

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