Our society seems to be getting more science-literate by the day. But even as most of us start to grasp increasingly advanced ideas, some flat out falsehoods just won’t go away.

From Big Bang beliefs to sexing away the fat, here are 10 Science Myths That 99% of People Still Believe…

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  1. welp at least almost half its kind of right, but yeah, you should of fact checked for a 2 or 3 more hours

  2. Although I’d love to entertain the belief that the Universe was a product of string theory, which has been proposed by many quantum physicists, it’s hard to argue against the science of Neil deGrasse Tyson, literally the smartest man in the world (Hawking might make a claim for this) who not only believes in the Big Bang theory but says they’ve already tracked the precise place where the Universe began based on how it’s spreading now. How could anyone predict how the Universe should look when we can’t even predict what life might look like in places other than on Earth?

  3. that “theoretical physicist” is a quack. we can observe the expansion of spacetime faster than the speed of light between galaxies, and it is accelerating more and more and more. thus if we go back in time, spacetime would collapse to an infinessently small point. It is agreed amonst physicists that at time = 0 of the universe, we do not know what happened (as you stated, it violates our understanding of thermodynamics), however, we know what happened at 10^-12 seconds after time 0…that’s pretty damn accurate

  4. Why do I get the impression that I’m the only one in the comments section who doesn’t have a PhD in literally everything.

  5. The Big Bang is not a theory you dumb fucks. It’s been already proven with a whole list of evidences. IDIOTS

  6. the senses: maybe balance is achieved through a combination of sight (you cant have the same balance if you close your eyes) and touch (if you see but you can’t feel, similarly, you lose balance easily). Many things are the combinations of 2 or more of the 5 main senses.

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