From endless, dark corridors to brutal jump scares… and a whole load of gore… OBVIOUSLY – This is the 10 scariest video games of all time

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  1. Someone finally mentioned Condemned! Thank God! That game is my childhood and it’s so underrated. Thank you for the nostalgia!

  2. These weren’t even that scary… games in general aren’t. But by their logic… first person game with things that pop up from dark places and wandering around cluelessly… wow sounds like finding a creeper in a cave system while playing Minecraft would make these guys piss themselves to death.

  3. the game ‘Fear’. It might not be the scariest game of all time but that little girl freaked me the f out.

  4. i always thought the baker family was very creepy and their behavior was kinda odd. it didn’t help much when they adopted that creepy little girl.

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