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10 Reasons You Wouldn’t Survive Ancient Times
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Life back then kind of sucked. For this list, we’ll be looking at reasons why we probably wouldn’t survive if transported back into the pre-modern era. WatchMojo counts down the 10 Reasons You Wouldn’t Survive Ancient Times.

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10. The Black Death
9. Our Modern Intelligence Would Get Us into Trouble
8. A Lack of Sleep
7. Lacking Fundamental Senses
6. Our Smaller Brains
5. A Different Diet
4. A Lack of Transferable Skills

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  1. So basically “10 Reasons you wouldn’t survive in the past”. There was literally 0points that actually referred to anything thats academically known as ‘Ancient History’. Besides, as bleak and deprived the medieval times and feudalism was, Have you not considered civilizations such as Rome, Egypt, Babylon, Assyria and Phonecia, as well as the Greek city states which were all so well developed that they functions much like our modern societies, with some technologies we cannot even replicate with our understanding now. Honestly if I was told to go live in Korinth around 350BC, i’d gladly go. I’d have basic sanitation, a well built home, a currency based economy…If anything i’d be far healthier. Purely organic foods. Only water to drink with the odd wine. Clean air undisturbed by pollution… Basically watchmojo I want to know what kind of down syndrome negroid decided this was a sensible video….

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