Struggling to make rent? Tired of working to afford a house that doesn’t even have a pool? Turns out there’s a way to live in luxury for absolutely nothing, there’s just one catch… This is 10 Prisons That Are Nicer Than Your House.

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  1. I really don’t understand this. Some of these are basically begging people to be criminals. Want free education, housing, food, leisure activities, and maybe even a resort-like lifestyle? Become a criminal and go to prison! Yeah, it just doesn’t seem right for convicted criminals to receive all of these benefits.

  2. Hurray! Let’s rape kids and women and get housed in 8 stars luxurious suites while victims are abandoned and left alone in their fucking misery!

  3. La catradal. The prison pablo escobar built and ran for himself in 1991 when he was imprisoned by the colombian government.

  4. This shit ain’t fair. Alli am is a law abiding citizen and I’m drowning I debt and can only afford shitty food. I don’t even have cable. I hate the world.

  5. I hate to bring up the tragedy of Harambe again, but does any one remember when Fidget Spinners were a thing? Because I do! And I’m NOT gonna let anyone forget about it! Next time some popular bullshit cums along like Pokémon GO(fuck Ur self), think of Fidget spinners! Wtf even is a fidget sinner? Glorified AUTISM!? And since Halloween is cumming up, I just wanted to mention that it has been 1 year since people were dressing up as clowns to spook people, just wanted to remind Ya’ll of that!

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