Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Take a look throughout somewhat recent world history and you’ll find that men purportedly “ran the show” in most nations. Go even further back, however, to a time of gods and monsters, and you’ll find that women, in the form of goddesses, were just as vital to the creation of the world as men. We’re appeasing our mythology lovers once again, this time with the top ten goddesses of the world’s mythologies.

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10. Jord
9. Frigg and Freya
8. Ak-aAa
7. Ahurani
6. Amaterasu-O-Mi-Kami
5. Chicomecoatl
4. Amunet
3. Hera
2. Juno
1. Athena

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    • Top 10 Archive rare or less know ones or maybe do different types of element gods:fire, earth, wind & air.

  1. Nope have to argue on the Egyptian Goddess. Isis, was the most powerful of Goddesses. That is why she is Queen. Their are many more that I would have chose before Amunet. Then again, I don’t host a you tube channel either. Oh well.

  2. That’s why i never write anything down my wife knows everything……………………

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