The Simpsons are well-known for being the most successful and renowned animated television shows of all time. So it’s no wonder that some other shows take ‘inspiration’ from it, right? These are 10 Popular TV Shows That Referenced The Simpsons…

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  1. What other shows do you know that have ripped off The Simpsons? There are so many others we could have put on this list!

  2. a simpsons related video that just happened to be uploaded the same day I went and got a bart simpson tattoo lmao

  3. Family Guy was cancelled after season two or something so it wasn’t always on the screen since 1999

  4. i love the critic since child hood that i watch nearly every episode every friday night and listen to the theme song on repeat when i sleep.

  5. Isn’t Bart’s catchphrase (Eat my Shorts) not Ay Carambai (??)

    They need another Simpsons Family Guy crossover.
    Simpsons go to Quahog

    The Simpsons don’t just have a dog they have a dog and a cat get your facts right.

    America’s most popular cartoon, everything’s not always about America…

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