Countless towns, cities and civilisations have risen and fallen over the years, but in rare cases we get to see them preserved to some degree – sometimes entirely. Here’s 10 Places Frozen in Time.

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  1. >Africa was more advanced before colonialism than we thought because this one positive outlier had sewers and toilets in the 1700s

    The Indus Valley Civilization had the same around 2350 BC. The ancient Romans were known for socializing while they used the toilets by around the 2nd century BC. So at its best Africa was behind civilizations already considered ancient by Western and Eastern contemporaries by about 2000-4000 years

  2. proud Montserration. I was young but can still remember when the volcano erupted and we had to evacuate

  3. 10 unbelievable things about cats (just because i found out that snow leopard can jump 9 meters in high and 15 meters in length)

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