A life sentence in prison is basically the worst case scenario for any person. But what about when people are given them, that don’t deserve them? These are 10 People Who Didn’t Deserve Life Sentences…

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  1. The U.S.A is so messed up. What’s with the click bait with a 16 month old baby behind bars for life. What sort of sick and twisted person would even attach it to their project. Your mind is sick mate.

  2. But #7 deserved it. He sold a gun to a criminal in the black market with no regards to the consequences of his action. How the gun was obtained is irrelevant.

    The three strikes rule would be brilliant if it only applied to felonies. Getting life imprisonment for three separate counts of felonies is fine, but getting it for two felonies and one misdemeanor isn’t.

  3. Prisons aren’t made to punish crime. They’re just there because the government likes locking people up.

  4. …And people call Americans stupid. I feel a tirade coming on. Seriously? Treating a toddler like a dangerous criminal? You know what? FUCK OTHER COUNTRIES LAWS! If they’re really that stupid, perhaps we should confiscate their country and show them what happens when they pick on small children! Morons!

  5. Why is your volume all over the place? Sounds like this

    WHY is your VOLu….e a.. OVEr the PlaCE?

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