THE END IS NEAR, EVERYBODY GET READY FOR THE END OF THE WORLD! But who’s going to end it all? Of course, we all immediately think of Trump, or Putin, or Kim Jong Un, but some of these could surprise you… These are 10 People Who Could End The World.

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    • @Lourd LPS I can’t do the funky symbols, so close approximation will have tu suffice. I have no more problem with you than I have with our entire species. Including myself. It’s annoying that assholes like Mya feel the need to pull that crap. When you’re not intelligent, blame a scapegoat, I guess. I’ll keep blaming the entire species of ours, as misanthropes do. After all, we all contribute to environmental destruction. I think it’s really pathetic of people to blame gay people, when they’re full of their own shit.

    • @Mya Jasmine Let me guess… your first date woke up sober the next day, ran into the kitchen sobbing, boiled his dick to sterilize it, and dumped you for another dude after forever swearing off girls?

  1. Well I was enjoying it so you brought a climate change you’re an idiot there’s not overwhelming proof stop spreading bulshit

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