The death penalty is reserved for the very worst of criminals… But what happens when the justice system is too late? Here are 10 People Found Innocent After Execution.

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  1. I’m 100% in support of the death penalty as a principle…
    if you can be 100% certain you have the right guy…
    as long as *THIS* shit keeps happening, though…
    I will give *ZERO* support to our legal system…

  2. Good old USA well known for stupidity. This one video shows why there should BE No death sentences at all. I bet the state never even paid compensation to the relatives of their unlawfully executed victims of injustice.

  3. Bro, you have almost 5.5 MILLION subscribers… I believe its time to ditch the jacket and wear something nice.

  4. Wish people would stop saying American Law. The crime was committed in Texas, which means that Texas, not federal law was used. My state has no law that says you have 30 days to clame innocence. Please learn the difference between state and federal law.

  5. I see a Texas trend here. Also Waco “Wake Co” no worries we all make the Wacko joke so it not a big deal.

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