Every company starts somewhere, even Apple and Google were once just tiny startups! No one knows what the future holds, but these 10 businesses could be topping the global ladder in a decade’s time – and changing the world while they’re at it.

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  1. problem with mining asteroids. If we mined the entire platinum asteroid, the 35k per KG platinum would be worth would be about 0.05 per kg because suddenly pt becomes extremely common instead of exceedingly rare.

  2. Genuinely thought this was “10 Obscure Countrys That Could Dominate The World In 10 Years” When the guy said Companies I stopped watching. My question as I go and watch something else and Unsubscribe is :- Should I go and spend large amounts of my money on stocks for these Companies and do you not need to license yourselves or be more responsible as you are literally advising your average everyday person on which companies will gain profit on their stocks in the near (and DO NOT say 10 years is a long time in a persons life.) future? People get paid monumental amounts of money to give such advice and no mistake. Not happy, not happy at all.

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