You probably learned all about World War II at school, but there’s a good chance you have a few misconceptions about how it all happened. Here’s 10 Myths You Still Believe About World War II.

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  1. Biggest myth: Only USA, USSR, UK, France, Germany, Japan, and Italy fought in ww2.
    Truth: Nearly all civilized countries fought or contributed to the war in some way. Its called World war for a reason…

  2. This fact is true but in stupid and unrelating places with these points. It’s badly phrased and I don’t like it.

    Yeah the USSR DID A LOT for the allies in the war and they did lose 11 million + soldiers but that doesn’t mean they didn’t do so much that they HAD to lose 11 million +, so comparing numbers of dead men from different countries is irrelevant. Many, many Russians died due to a lack of rifles (every second man got a rifle-too many men), many were shot in the back by their own comrades if they retreated from certain death, and many lost their lives to the horrible conditions that were imposed on either side during the Operation of Barbarossa (feel sorry for Germans) including poor sanitation, infections, cuts, poor rations, frostbite.

    The Russians had it hard. But it doesn’t mean they had to lose 11 million. This video claims “they did so much, so they lost 11 million”, not necessarily, the Russians were different in a couple different ways.

  3. Every country in ww2 committed war crimes. The axis committed a WHOLE lot more then the allies, accept for the Soviet Union.

    The Germans/Japanese massacred millions of I accent civilians and soldiers that surrendered. Not just the holocaust.

    The USA had interment camps for the Japanese civilians and a much less for German civilians.

    The French and British really don’t commit any war crimes accept for robbing valued goods from banks and places of value. But this was committed of a soldier level, not government level and all sides did it a little accept for France and Britain.

    Where to start with the Soviet Union.
    They had there famous gulag camps and there secret police to kill political rivals. And how they destroyed A WHOLE lot of evidence.
    The world will never know how many war crimes they committed. Plus the mountain of human rights violations with their exsparements and how they used German POWs and test subjects.

  4. The Germans DIDN’T have Horse Cavalry. They had mounted Infantry because a soldier on a horse could move way faster than a foot soldier. Also they used horses and mules to carry ammo and supplies for the infantry. They did however have horse drawn Artillery with the ammo, equipment and support troops by horse drawn Wagons. The Americans frequently commented on the Quality of the horses and tack and how much of it the Krauts used. The Yank Soldiers had a lot of darm boys who knew horses well and actually used them for messenger duties…

  5. I think that the Churchill fact is partially misinformatic , as how could he have been a good domestic prime minister while he was a war leader at the same time?

    The people loved him either way…

  6. The invasion with Russia could’ve gone better even without winning the Battle of Britain, but the loss was a big factor in it. There was also the fact that they waited so long because Hitler was being all spiritual and decided to wait giving less time before the Russian winter. Further, they got stalled in various places like Stalingrad because the Germans spent a lot of time bombing the city which just made it really good for the snipers who were at the time seen as dishonorable, but Stalin didn’t care.

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