It’s perhaps the defining conflict of our generation, but there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding this war. These are 10 Myths About The Iraq War…

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  1. 6. This argument is falsely framed. Sam says the Iraq was not “Bush’s baby”, because it had bipartisan support. Of course it had bipartisan support! It had that support precisely because Bush LIED about WMDs! And when that lie was eventually exposed, it’s what caused support to evaporate! Sam says that the “myth” here is that the war was engineered by neocons hell-bent on starting the war “no matter what anyone else said.” But this is a Straw Man Argument. The truth is that the Bush administration lied to the world, and even had Colin Powell lie to the U.N., precisely because they DID care about “what anyone else said”–it’s why they worked to gain bipartisan SUPPORT in the first place! If they didn’t care “what anyone else said,” then they wouldn’t have lied to them in the first place, they would’ve just said, “Screw you, we’re in charge, and we’re gonna start this war, because we don’t care what anyone else says!” Both Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden later regretted their votes for the Iraq War, or otherwise expressed regret over it, with Biden pointing to the WMD issue as one of his main reasons for this.

  2. Not even talking about the content, but why the god awful 1930’s film/slideshow filter? And the reverb like the sound was shot in someone’s bathroom? Really distracting.

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