It’s almost Valentines Day, which means overpriced flowers, chocolate and sickening amounts of PDA. But whether you’re a Valentines Scrooge or a hopeless romantic, these 10 Myths About Love are about to be debunked!

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  1. @douglas walker Same here. Due to my mental disorders, autism and depression, I am seen as awkward, deviant, weird, strange, helpless, annoying, insensitive, an outcast because many people don’t know much about people with special needs, are unaware of them especially if they are not physically visible, or are discriminatory because some people of past generations spread their hatred to children. Our communication skills, life skills, and development fall short. So the odds of people with special needs finding a partner are much more rare to non-existent and keeping a partner even more difficult. I tried many times but failed every time to find a GF. I’ve gone to the extent of spending hundreds of dollars on dating services to find someone only to find an awkward emotional void, nothing.

  2. That first study was completely not solid enough to dismiss “meeting for the first time “ . Also pictures is way different than human interaction

  3. I did a rebound and it didn’t work. I was left even worse off than the relationship beforehand. Time heals all wounds and what people need is positive friends, not a replacement. That person is just the second choice, not a true partner.

  4. Literally, screw #5. I, personally, am not interested in social status whatsoever. If their personality doesn’t check out, I don’t care if they’re the most renown man in the world. Neither my Heartmate nor my celebrity crush are all that high status socially and are quite humble. That’s what I prefer.

  5. 0:24 My Heartmate is convinced he fell in love with me at first sight when we literally bumped into each other as children. It was too long ago to remember but I know this – He looks at me the same way he always has since then.

  6. I think they’re taking love at first SIGHT too literal. To me the saying means more like “Love at first meeting.” You fall in love or more appropriately are infatuated with them because you connect with them immediately when you first talk. True love comes later of course.

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