Happy Easter everyone!
Here are some myths about the man this weekend is all about – Jesus Christ!

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    • +Rocío Aguilera Most historians do not even question the existence of Jesus of Nazareth. Many Roman documents write about the existence of Jesus and early Christians. Neo even blamed Jesus and Christians for the destruction of Rome. Plus, sources outside of the Bible write about a man named “Jesus” being unlawfully sentenced by Pontius Pilate. Study some history

    • Okay, I get it, Jesus was kind of a dick and all who worship him are weird. Still a better God than Rick though, and his followers are still not quite as mental as Rick and Morty fans

  1. Luke was not an Apostle of Jesus. He was a physician and a historian but he was a Disciple of Paul – not Jesus.

  2. Joseph had children from his first wife. Mary didn’t have any other children. This is evident from Jesus give his mother Mary to the apostle John, who was not a relative. Had Mary had any other children; she would have lived in with her other sons.

  3. I’ve been raised in a very religious family. Once I went to study the Bible to become a pastor but I did not continue it. As I read the Bible I have come to doubt its credibility.

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