There’s no business like show business, and movies have quite literally taken over the world, whether that be for individual people, or for the world as a whole. But these films have taken up the mantle of having effected our globe in more ways than we can possibly fathom, These are 10 Movies That Changed The World…

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  1. Most of these movies mostly changed specific areas, saying they changed the world is kind of an overstatement

  2. According to current SeaWorld websites, San Diego and San Antonio are still showing them, as well as still allowing people to swim with them. The shows were supposed to be phased out by 2019, no more breeding, but allowed to be held in captivity due to their inability to be let out. That could be up to another 50 years due to this newest generation of orcas that were born… waaaay back in 2014ish. Shows still going on. Wtf?

  3. You said Jaws changed the world, because scientists are more into sharks now?

    Um, Jaws created the modern day blockbuster and changed the way movies were released. I think that should have been the takeaway there

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