Movie villains plans range from world domination to plain old indiscriminate badassery. However these schemes don’t always make that much sense.

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  1. 1:35 that is dead wrong, and an error that could have been avoided with just a little research. Voldemort needed Harry’s blood in particular to get around the magic placed on him when his mother sacrificed herself to save him when he was an infant. As for the not killing him part, well he tried, but Harry used the Wizard Cup/portkey to escape.

  2. Thank you for not adding a pointless intro. This is why this channel is better than other top ten channels.

  3. With Hans, Not all royal successions work in the same way as the British one. The Norwegian Royal Family (Which Arrendelle is based off) isn’t necessarily chosen by bloodline, rather by whoever is considered ‘head of state’ hence considering Hans was put in charge, hence would be next inline to the throne.

    • All though you can make the point that he never knew he was going to be put in charge… But that doesn’t mater as he’d just have to have the other 2 die and then batta boom batta bing

  4. Hello! I am going to sleep, when I come back can I have 3+ subs?

  5. in the incredibles she didn’t wanna kill the super heros or make them evil because they never responded to the attack on her parents.
    she did it because she wanted the world to stop believing in a false idol thinking that super heros will always be there. because once they start believe in superheroes they stop believing in themselves and they become weak and in more danger than ever .

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