People love a good boycott nowadays, whether it be burning your Nikes or kicking off about a sausage roll… Here are some of our favourites in 10 Most Ridiculous Boycotts!

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  1. i don’t see anything wrong with starbucks hiring people from different ethnic groups. if they never hired more people from different ethnic groups, nobody would of been ok with it and it would of caused a lot of backlash for the company.

  2. ??? Wouldn’t you want to boycott Ivanka? Not the company dumping her?

    Break Up With Your… Bored is a shit song.

  3. One million moms did the same thing when good luck Charlie had an episode where a kid had two moms. Fucking prudes.

  4. Im already boycotting 9 out of 10 of these (Netflix being the only exception). Why? No particular reason, i dont like Starbucks, i cant eat McDonalds due to health reasons etc.

  5. You are literally a liberal hack! Here are 10 reasons for that!
    10. You Suck!
    9. You Suck!
    8. You Suck!
    Etc. Etc. Etc.

  6. I mean the McDonald’s one it was hard to explain, I remember when people were outraged they were pissed by the fact that McDonald’s didn’t expected for there to be so many people of the series, actually they thought they were repeating history with Mulan as the sause back then didn’t sell good, so they didn’t think ahead on how big the Rick and Morty fan-base was back then, but when people were outraged they did apologize and they brought it back on January of last year (from Mid-January to early February) if I remember but people still didn’t like the taste (I mean I liked it, and it tasted like Orange Chicken sauce from Panda Express). Was a call for a boycott neccessary, no, but was McDonald’s on the right for only serve 20 packets of sauce, neither that, but who won, the fans technically did but not really.

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