Who is the most intelligent person ever? Albert Einstein? Nikola Tesla? Marie Curie? Join us at AllTime10’s as we count down some of the brainiest humans throughout history!

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  1. Donald Trump is the most intelligent out of all because he made his way to president without any experience in politics whatsoever.

  2. if i lived back then, i would’ve designed the iPhone but not build it cause i dont actually know how. then i would come out on this list lol

  3. Did you really fucking misread “A Brief History of Time” when the title is literally infront of you…

  4. Hope you watch full, The Science and Spirituality:
    If the links fail to open Copy, Paste the Link and search on your browser please.
    The same video in English and in Hindi. Thank You🙏🙏🙏🙏

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