Humans live to fit in and often seek to be part of groups, even if subconsciously. These are the 10 Most Exclusive Clubs On The Planet.

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  1. *Would you want to join any of these clubs?*
    To be honest I’d just love to have the money to have the option to 😂

    • Yall talk shit about alex jones but if it wasnt for him you fuckin dumbass brits wouldn’t even know about bohemian grove

    • Next time try to leave your personal opinions on people out of it. It comes across as tacky and unnecessary in an otherwise good video.

    • Would be interesting to cross reference all of them to see if we identify the real power

  2. assalamualaikum wrb teman-teman semuanya bantulah aku ya aku sedih banget subscribe ya banyak banget video kamu apa aplikasinya buat video klip bagus 😎😥

  3. I’m telling you right now, those aren’t the most exclusive clubs on the planet, the real most exclusive clubs are so exclusive you’ve never even heard of them

  4. You guys have literally covered all these in different videos 🤦🏽‍♂️ running out of content I see

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