Shady dealing, bribery and extortion. Those are just a few of the various underhand schemes that are taking place in these corrupt countries

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    • Mark Ant the only one that says Russia is corrupt so far… I’m starting to see less Russophobia

    • The most corrupt country would be USA,the country has a debt opf 51 trillion dollars not only that they hide the fact they get brived with the excuse lobby (a big company giving millions to a government official to help speed up things is a brive) nobody can beat them the only difference betwen USA and the countries you mention is that nobody dares to show what really happens in USA

    • Kosovo, everytime I go there to visit family, you can get through everything with a little bit of money, everything…

  1. If you buy cop in the United States coffee with donuts, they may offer you a ride home or to work. It just depends on the cop in the end since not all of them will do that, I was able to get a ride home via a cop after I paid for his coffee with donuts on the side at Dunkin Donuts. I missed the bus and really needed to get home to give my grandfather his pills on time, he has heart failure.

  2. 2011 List: “Where’s USA?” Comments

    2018 List: “Where’s USA?” Comments

    *Stay classy YouTube*

  3. Yemen is in the middle of Iran and Saudi proxy war?! Saudi is directly bombing Yemen since the beginning, while the involvement of Iran is mainly accusations without actual proof!

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