Video games have taken the world by storm in the last half-century, but not all of them have been as well received as others… These are the 10 Most Controversial Videogames of All Time!

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  1. How many of these video games have you played? Which ones would you have put on the list instead?

    • +James Thom nice2read ad know. I hope you and your family have a great and healthy life.
      Greets from The Netherlands.

    • ItsMe NoName Yes I still play when I can get the kids off the Xbox, so I don’t play as much as I’d like, if I do play it’s usually GTAV Online….and I’ll buy most of the big releases such as RDR2. Greetings from Scotland 😃

    • +James Thom yeah! ok. I also played arcade games like outrun in the arcade place in my area. liked it but not turned me into an game addict. Iam a few years younger then you are 😉 do still play video games?
      greets from the netherlands.

    • ItsMe NoName chill dude😂 I was literally taking the piss out my age (46). The first computers I had were ones such as the ZX Spectrum, or even older was the ACORN ELECTRON, and we had computers in School around 1984, I think they were BBC computers. Games I played were “Marslander” “Underwurld” and the classics like pacman. Back in those days when the game “Outrun” came out it was an absolute dream to see graphics and play such Amazing! Games. That was when it started for me. lol,

  2. they died Rockstar for selling an “indecent game”, where the indecent part had to be voluntarily unlocked. It’s like buying a car, removing it’s brakes and saying the manufacturer for selling you a car that can’t brake


  4. Manhunt, easily more brutal than any game listed and was highly controversial, more so that several games you mention. Quite an oversight.

  5. There is no school shooting in postal 1, your guns jam, it’s a message for what the devs stood for, child abuse is wrong, but killing for your safety (which is basically what the game is about if you actually play it and listen to what the devs say) is okay in most cases, not trying to be rude here but saying there’s a school shooting in postal 1 annoys me because it’s not true at all

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