We all love a good meme. From old classics like grumpy cat and Doge to legends like success kid. But some memers take it a little too far…

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  1. Anti-Trump crowd: You build a wall, and our generation will tear it down…
    Trump: Your generation eats tide pods and snorts used condoms… lol

  2. (8:15) Pepe had been featured with racist imagery before. Hitler Pepe isn’t something new. But what made it be considered a hate symbol, or at least the action that broke the camel’s back, was when someone shouted “Pepe” during one of Hillary’s speeches.

  3. In 2017, this channel had embedded subtitles in the video, along with YouTube-subtitles. That was an issue as even if you changed the subtitle language, the embedded text would remain. The YouTube-subtitles can be displayed larger on a smaller screen, whilst the embeded subtitles won’t.

    But this video has neither. I think that’s a step back.

  4. These memes are all proof that the snowflake generation needs to be banned from the internet

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