Some people are afraid of spiders. Others heights. But there are some phobias that are less common and certainly more unsettling.

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    • Yeah, after I watched a 20/20 special about dumb kids who sat on pool drains and got part of their intestines sucked out when I was 8ish, I was terrified of pool drains for about the next 20 years.

    • I have a panophobia but its not that bad if i can get my mind off stuff, as i go to sleep is when its worst since I cant see whats going on around me so my brain presumes something bad is going to happen so i start to panic and open my eyes because of this i have to listen to music as i go to sleep

  1. What is the difference between paraskevidekatriaphobia and friggatriskaidekaphobia? Aren’t they the same thing?

  2. I’m a little afraid of mirrors because I’m always afraid I’m going to look in one and see somebody behind me.

  3. #1…Homophobia.

    I can’t believe AllTime10s killed the heteros.

    Ya’ll this is a joke don’t cry. LMAO

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