Science may have the answers to many of life’s questions, but every now and then something so miraculous happens that it seems to like there’s no earthly way to make sense of it.

From a flame-throwing river to bodies that just won’t rot, here are 10 miracles that science can’t explain.

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  1. Why do I get a sense that all of these are complete horse shit? Literally all of them. I’ve heard of a few of these, but they STILL sound like someone just pulled this shit out of their ass convinced enough people that it was real, then let the words spread like wildfire.

  2. Atheist- (noun) Im better than you at life you stupid (insert religion here). Go get an education loser.

  3. Weather or not you believe in any religion there is no denying some strange shit happens on this planet

  4. These types of videos make me sad because i always think about death whilst watching them. I know that one day i am just going to die, leaving my kids behind (if i live long enough to have them) and in a sad state. And what happens once i’m dead? I’m an atheist so i believe that it is like a permanent sleep but that is so depressing. I want tree seeds to be planted in my ashes. I want to grow into a tree so that people can remember me.

  5. Whats with all these shitty channels endorsing bullshit like the paranormal and aliens. oh wait, couple of 100 bucks for text editing and inattentive research from shitty sources.

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