Even the smallest little white lie or joke can have huge consequences. Here’s just 10 of them!

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  1. why do news outlets do hoax stories… and why are people dumb enough to just believe them…
    so much to facepalm but not enough palms or faces.

  2. I thought Muslims were against April fool’s day, but Jordan must have a great sense of humor to celebrate April fool’s.

  3. hey you guys 🙂
    can you maybe do another video about veganism?
    but please use real and serious statistics this time…
    all the real studies for the video you made on veganism are listed in this video:
    ’10 Ways Vegans Are Ruining The World’ Debunked | AllTime10s
    please have a look at this. It’s really important that you (because you’re reaching a lot of people through your videos) use right information.

  4. human being still don’t learn the mistake of past prank ……present day still got some idiots done nasty prank that cause person life ….that why i hate prankster.

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