Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Have you ever wondered just how smart you really are? Well, wonder no more! While there’s plenty of back and forth over the viability of IQ testing, especially online IQ tests, we think you can be proud of and tout your scores from these ten interactive tests! Unless it’s really low. Maybe keep that to yourself, then.

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10. Am I Dumb?
9. The Dot Test
8. IQTest.com
7. Culture Fair Intelligence Test
6. BMI Test
5. InductiveReasoningTest
4. Stanford-Binet
3. Wechsler Test
2. Haselbauer – Dickheiser Test
1. Mensa


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  1. Wait a minute I’m confused,
    This sentence contains exactly threee erors.
    1: three is spelled threee
    2: errors is spelled erors
    3: there is no third error, but since that’s an error, there is three errors,
    I’m confused and my brain is exploding

  2. Hello. So many tests out there. I need not to waste my time on mensa because I would not get one right but I might go and do the dot test. Thanks 🙂

  3. There’s 3 holes and I plug everyone of them… Oh oh where not talking about sex? Well… Damn, any women out there willing?

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