From Wall-E being the opposite of the cute little rubbish collector we see, to the entire Pixar Universe being connected. Here are 10 theories about the incredible animation studio that is, Pixar!

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  1. 10) Probable
    9) Super Carlin Brothers did it better.
    8) Meh, boring
    7) A crazed stretch, plus Merlin from Sword in the Stone also has knowledge of the future and nobody bothers asking on that
    6) Super Carlin Brothers covered the actual story
    5) Interesting
    4) There’s a better theory out there
    3) Semi-confirmed
    2) Pixar came out and said the cars are possessed by their last owners
    1) 0_0 that’s new

  2. Yeah, that makes no sense. The point of a car is to get people from one place to another. Without people there’s no point to a car. Also somehow the features in the desert are weathered into car parts. There is no evidence of human activity, the cars have morals, killing every person on the planet would enrage at least some percentage of them and cause conflict. Cars can somehow reproduce. Even if they were self aware they don’t have reproductive abilities. That theory makes 0 sense…

  3. My theory would be boo made the monsters her imaginary friends
    And my 2nd theory would be after substituting scream for laughter Sullivan will become jobless

    If violet is no longer shy then will she lose her invisibility

  4. Andrew Stanton wasn’t debunking the theory, he was just saying that the consultant was lying. Y’all really should do better research for videos.

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