India has often paved the way for the world as we know it, but what are their most impressive accomplishments? These are 10 Incredible Indian Inventions!

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  1. 10 Indian Inventions:
    1. word.exe (cs:go hack)

    Look it up, he was caught in the middle of the tournament!!!!

  2. Amazing video. Not sure which one was the best, wireless comm, shunya (zero) or yoga. we use all of them in one way or the other in different capacity.

  3. Marconi was actually a Canadian who emigrated from Italy. Also there is probably this one Pakistani guy who is just like, “Kashmir is ours!” and is just pissed that a kashmiri invention is under a list about India.

  4. its a good thing indians invented shampoo. without it, i don’t know how everyone would be able to wash their hair properly.

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