From withstanding extreme temperatures to having the reflexes of a the Flash, these humans really can be described as superhuman!

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  1. What about Dean Karnazes? Also, what about John Chang? I guess his powers, like the powers of supposed telekinetic people haven’t been proven.

  2. The sleep one is definitely fake. There is no way a human being regardless of “superpowers” can stay awake for that long without dying. The brain gets filled with too many toxins and eventually shuts off

  3. Why any of it is considered supernatural ? I mean 20.000 volts. We have a theory to explain. But we can have a theory for everything. Making the “supernatural” word useless in some ways

  4. Women always say they feel “safe” around me and I’m not gay, not sure if it’s a super power or I’m just a total loser, probably not a super power 🙁

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