Sometimes, we just need a bit of luck to get us through the worst of times. Nobody knows this better than the subjects of this installment of 10 Homeless People Who Won The Lottery.

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10. Shawn Samuels
9. Crystal Nelson
8. Dennis Mahurin
7. Adam H.
6. Vanessa Goode
5. Grant Freeman
4. Josh Bryant
3. Emily Reyes
2. The Gifted Ticket
1. Michael Engfors

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  1. lottery and scratch offs are fucking waste. it’s always corrupt people that are in charge of it that steal from it. everyone i know nearly is addicted to buying them, like they buy scratch offs everyday. my brother’s in-laws won 100k but between everyone i know, they’ve paid atleast that much back in buying them. keep your “for sure money” don’t piss it away on scratch offs and the lottery.

  2. i won the by-weekly sweepstakes, i got a fucking JOB lmao lottery is gambling, and you idiots are getting played lol

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