Completing that level you’ve been stuck on for hours or defeating that boss that just wouldn’t die is all good and well, but these challenges could take you gamer rage to new heights!

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  1. ‘The host with a good voice, and a good look, so good to feel though, ehehehehehe? am not a gamer but a good listener. so glad watching this.?

  2. How is RuneScape not on this? Ahaha go and get 200m all on an ultimate iron man, that wouldbe years of gameplay!

  3. I got the MK trophy, it was truly a test of discipline and patience. and in my opinion any single player offline trophy is at least possible to get, while online trophies can become impossible to get and therefore should be discontinued by the devs.

  4. Founder online correct automobile grade administrative assignment merchant analyze trap due beauty.

  5. 2:25 Understandable, i’d be surprised if it was more than one, who the heck plays Golf games anymore? Just go outside and DIY your own. . . guy who got the achievement was probably the most boring person on the planet.

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