10 Halloween Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong

Be careful out there this Halloween! And whatever you do, don’t try ANY of these pranks!

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  1. Such a weird feeling seeing somewhere I recognise on one of these lists. I was in Evoque nightclub just last night! Really hoping Sean is doing better these days 🙁
    Just so you know though, #9 happened on 18/01/2014, he was out for a friends birthday not Halloween.

  2. That last one has been in many a list. And I have to keep asking, how does everyone know it was an accident? People say it was a prank gone wrong, but did he say it was a prank gone wrong? Of course he didn’t, because he’s dead. For all we know it could’ve been deliberate suicide.

  3. Examples of why humanity shouldn’t meet advanced civilizations at the moment…..these idiots would cause our extinction

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