From stealing billions to hacking the US military, these are 10 hacks that changed the world!

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    • ShortbusMooner bitch how is Paul manafort among others convicted of Russian interference Obama’s problem, they were appointed by trump during his campaign and were Republicans not democrats. Fuckin idiot I swear!! Go get an education in political science you dumb fuck

    • ShortbusMooner Bitch do you pay attention to what’s going on in our nation today? Or is your head in deep piles of shit since you clearly don’t know about the Mueller investigation. What a retard you are

    • Everything you have stated is absolutely negated, Corrine Vermette. You keep referencing fake news propaganda sources, and refuse to even take a gander outside your bubble. Your cognitive dissonance is astounding..
      ”Every single news source..’ ROFLMMFFAO!!
      Lady, you wouldn’t know a real news source if it smacked you in the head..

    • +ShortbusMooner ….lol.. wow….just wow!! Aren’t you gonna be highly disappointed when the FBI arrests trump jr. and Trump Sr….Tony Pedesto has nothing to do with this investigation. In fact every single news source has reported Manafort has agreed to testify against trump, whether that be corruption, obstruction and treason, or all three. Again I suggest you Google Manafort’s Wikipedia page and see for yourself what kinda people trump aligned himself with.

    • *Me* misinformed, Corrine Vermette?? Manafort’s charges stem from 10 YEARS AGO!! *Who* was in office then!?! DOH!! And his plea bargain is to testify against *whom?* Tony Pedodesta- for bank fraud from when? 10 YEARS AGO!! And you *actually* came back, telling me to *Goolag* his *Wikifake??* You just epically failed, koolaid head.. Once again – stop believing the lies, & using the propaganda to explain it. You’ve proven yourself to be a MASSIVE gullible fool..

  1. Good video except for #2, that earned this video a dislike. By (((US intelligence agencies))) you must mean the Obama-era deep state,

  2. that moment when your “super powerful military” is hacked by a scottish autistic retard. lmao. stupid yanks

  3. One of the biggest lies being perpetuated is that Russia hacked the DNC. The data wasn’t hacked from their servers. Seth Rich believed that the DNC rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders needed to be public so he leaked the info and more to WikiLeaks. Seth Rich was eventually murdered to silence him and the Dems concocted this master plan to use Stephen Haphler to plant the idea into George Stephonapolus that the Russians hacked the DNC. As planned George S. told someone else, who then told the FBI the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. So now the Dems can cover up their own mess with this made up crap.

    • Yes, anyone who has seen the transfer rate would know that it was not possible to transfer that much data at that rate it over a low bandwidth connection but could only been done over a USB transfer. Plus the NSA would have had flagged the internet traffic coming from US to a Unfriendly country with a high data transfer and recorded the location of the hackers which was never done. Hillary and the DNC lack of Cybersecurity to protect their illegal actions does not in anyway give them a free ride and over turn a Election. CIA and NSA has reported over and over not one vote was flip by hacking voting polls in the election.

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