Money makes the world go round, and these people have stopped at nothing to get themselves some dolla dolla bills! These are 10 Frauds Who Were Massively Successful!

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  1. I sold the White House to a teen named Billy Wilks for $20, he believes he owns the White House.

  2. Back in 2010 I ran into this website that sold Landon on the Moon yes The moon, I furthered researched and found that the UN came into conclusion that no country can claim moons, planets etc and found out it was a complete scam

  3. Yeah i was schamed. In 2006 sketchers advertised airators, shoes that could breathe to air out your feet.
    Lying bastards

  4. *lmaoo reported for clickbait bullshit get the fuck out Statue of Liberty was a fucking GIFT FROM THE FRENCH TO THE U.S you retarded British bastards*

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