Shared universes are all the rage right now, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe taking theaters and audiences everywhere by storm. Here are 10 Franchises You Never Knew Were In The Same Universe!

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    • Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and the modern X-Men films. Hugh Jackman was going to do a cameo for Spider-Man 2, but they couldn’t find his costume.

      Also, in a recent Tom Clancy game, I think it was Ghost Recon or something, an older Sam Fisher mentions some other retired soldier with a bandanna. This leads some to believe that it takes place in the same universe as Metal Gear.

      Don’t even get me started on the Pixar Theory.

      P.S., #5 is kind of common knowledge. I understand, however, if it isn’t immediately obvious to people who haven’t actually played them.

  1. *Makes fun of crossover theories*
    *becomes crossover theory *
    Obi-Wan- You ha e become the verry thing your swore to destroy

  2. Here’s why this is stupid. Everything ever is within the universe. It’s a misnomer to state that anything exist in it’s own universe; or to site anything being within the bounds of the universe (as the universe is boundless); or to claim that everything exist in the “entire universe”. To state entirety within the universe is redundant. It’s like saying for “all eternity”. In fact, since the universe is all of space and time, even fiction is contained within it. All measurable and unmeasurable masses, quantifiable and unobserved energies, all states of matter, every thought, every inhalation and exhalation (a net zero action thanks to the conservation of energy), and all that has ever been or will be is contained within the universe. So yes. Everything is connected to everything else. These are parallel narratives.

  3. I always knew Star Wars and ET were in the same universe but that doesn’t explain how Elliot had Star Wars toys.

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