Reddit is one of the most interesting places on the internet. It’s full of intriguing mysteries, the dankest of memes and, er, other things we hear. But one thing it’s famous for is its AMAs, where you get the inside track of some of the most interesting people this world has to offer. Here are 10 Fascinating Reddit AMAs!

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    • If you like to make a video about 10 science lies/mistakes, please feel free to use info at my blog

    • Professor, I think I discovered a new force, how do you think? Thanks.

      Universal Repulsion – a new fundamental force.

      Similar to universal gravitation force between matters, there is a universal repulsion force between the lines of sight electrons on the surface of matters. Without gravitation, we cannot orbit the Sun. Without repulsion, Sunlight cannot reach us.

      Because electrons are on the surface of all matters, and because of lines of sight electrons are constantly repelling each other with Coulomb’s force F=Ke x ee/R^2, therefore between the surfaces of matter A and matter B there exists a universal repulsion force F=Ke x q1q2/R^2. In the equation, q1 is the total charge of the lines of sight electrons on the surface of mater A, q2 is the total charge of the lines of sight electrons on the surface of matter B, R is the average distance.

      This universal repulsion force is always existing at any distance, therefore the line of sight electrons are constantly connected by this force at any distance, therefore they can share their kinetic energy instantaneously at any distance.

      This universal repulsion force is the conductor of light energy in the vacuum space between stars and planets. Light energy is instantly shared between the line of sight vibrating electrons on the surface of the Sun and electrons on Earth outer atmosphere, then it becomes light wave and traveling in the air at light speed C.

      This universal repulsion force is the conductor of light between things you see and your eyes. Due to air in between, light speed is C.

      This universal repulsion force is the conductor of EM wave between antenna and receiver. Due to air in between, EM wave speed is C.

      Due to the existence of universal repulsion force, all-star lights reach Earth outer atmosphere instantly, become light wave traveling in the air at speed C.

      Sunlight takes 8 minutes to reach us is mistaken. Time delay in space communication is impossible.

      If light speed in vacuum space is infinite, relativity, electromagnetism and quantum physics will be all wrong.

      Use MIT trillion frame per second camera to measure light speed inside of a vacuum glass bottle, we can prove light speed in a vacuum is infinite.

      Light only exists in the air, water, medium/matter. There is no light in vacuum space.

      Energy teleport from the Sun to Earth outer atmosphere due to the existence of the universal repulsion force between electrons on the surface of the Sun and our outer atmosphere.

      Einstein and Newton thought light is something traveling through space at light speed. It has both wave and particle properties.

      They were both wrong.

  1. *sees #9 *
    Even if those ppl who claim 2 b from da future r actually telling da truth, there’s a certain thing known as da “Temporal Prime Directive,” as it’s known in da Star Trek universe! U don’t go back 2 da past an’ do shit, nor do u travel 2 da future 2 witness shit! For u could alter how things are/were supposed 2 happen! As much as we’d like 2 go back an’ kill Hitler, doing so might… well… Ever played Command & Conquer: Red Alert? And then there’s da matter of Russians getting their hands on nukes (Actually, I would alter dis 1 in some ways). What would happen if they never got their hands on those plans?
    Anyways, da point is these ppl r either lying or they’re deluded!

  2. its kinda hard to think of disney world as the happiest place on earth, especially with all of the bad stuff thats happened there.

  3. They taught me in BLET that to ROB means from a person or a business. Stealing from a house is called a BURGLARY .

  4. That is exactly it. The legal system (it is not a justice system as there is no justice involved) is based on the presumption that is one has been arrested there is enough evidence to indicate guilt right off, so a suspect is in fact presumed guilty until proven otherwise….

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