Humpty Dumpty was your favourite childhood egg right? Well maybe not favourite, but he wasn’t a bad egg. Wait? What?! He wasn’t even an egg?!?! Well I never. Here are 10 more well I never false memories everyone believes.

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    • The Lucondrix There was indeed a TV show (wwwwwwaaayyyy back in the 70’s when I was a little dinosaur) called Shaza., but it was about a super hero in a red body suit with a lightning bolt on his chest, and a cape. I’m sure that videos were available after syndication, and that was probably what you saw. Also, my grandparents were absolute Bugs Bunny fans, so I grew up with the Looney Tunes…..yes, Tunes.

    • so you lot are just talking about Mandela Effects now? Alltime10s, are you out of material? lol just jk

  1. And now fruitcakes are using that Transformers/ District 9/Inception/ whatever sound to make videos about “Sky Trumpets”…..Roll the credits, it’s the end of the world….sigh.

  2. Didn’t they discover pictures a few years back showing the Tienanmen Square protester escaping from police? If this actually is the Mandela effect I’m going to be pissed.

  3. I don’t think the Neil Armstrong example would be a false memory it would be people mishearing the line and remembering what they thought they heard accurately. This would be a false assumption.

  4. how dare you all trasnformers a dumb punch movie. The sequels were ok I’ll admit but the first film was specatuclar.

  5. “Everyone believes”? Either I’m not part of “everyone” or you think I’m stupid.

    I should have stopped watching after the misquoting of Neil Armstrong…

  6. ok, I’ll explain it.. you can not travel back in time inside your own world line… so we tried recruiting someone from a similar time line to change events in the past in my world line.. however this created a paradox, as this rendered the act of going back in time to change things in that way was not required in the “fixed” world line. creating a loop that in the twinkling of an eye pulled and smashed our separate world lines into one.. we have been visited by evolved humans from far in your future, now people experience most “extraterrestrial” events/memories because of the life changing visitations in my world line.. many people did not exist in both world lines. they do not experience such strange things

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